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Title: Codex
WC: 1577
Characters: Reinette, angels, Satan (references to the Doctor)
Rating: Pg-13 for thematic
Summary: Satan takes on the angels for the fate of Reinette, who are themselves taking on the Doctor for the fate of Reinette.
Notes: This was written for alixtii as a pinch hit for ninebillion and her prompt was: Reinette. Choirs of angels, seraphim and cherubim, and Satan who rebelled against God.
Obvious spoiler is Doctor Who 2.04, The Girl in the Fireplace. Title derived from Reinette's line about her life being like a book and the slow/fast paths. Also, I'm not sure how great the French is in here, I used BabelFish.
Warnings: I took the Catholic Tradition of God (and Satan) and turned them on their heads to mesh it with the world of Doctor Who. God more so than Satan. God in this story is not all-powerful within the reaches of the Universe. I'm just going to put that out there in case anyone decides to get good and offended. It's not meant in any way to be offensive, but if you get iffy about that stuff, don't read.

Five years, Rose had said. Five years and the frantic calls would come. Five years and Versailles would be filled with screams.

She prayed, as she always did, for guidance, for strength, for the courage to make the right choice when the time came. La belle Morphyse had challenged her for the position and she had reigned over the younger woman, but that seemed so trivial now. She heard the screaming at Versailles. She had five years at least.

Dieu m'accordent la sérénité pour accepter les choses que je ne peux pas changer;
courage de changer les choses je peux;
et sagesse pour savoir la différence.
Vivant un jour à la fois;
Appréciant un moment à la fois;
Acceptation des difficultés comme voie à la paix;
Prise, comme le faisait il, ce monde pécheur car il est, pas car je l'aurais;
Espérer qu'il rendra toutes les choses droites si je me rends au sien;
Que je peux être raisonnablement heureux dans cette vie
et suprêmement heureux avec lui
Pour toujours dans le prochain.

Up above the angels watched, intercepted the prayer. There was doubt in her heart, of a Doctor, someone she had not heard from in nine years. It worried them, this lonely god she so often prayed to see again. It worried them she would given heaven itself to be with the Doctor again.

Michael was off on some quest, Uriel couldn't be bothered, Gabriel was still smarting about his role with the Messiah and didn't want to be bothered about 'some poser'. That left Raphael, who told them to clear it with the virtues before they did anything crazy. Keeping the cosmos in perfect order was of utmost importance.

They themselves were not sure what they wanted to do, except gain knowledge of who the Doctor was. He was outside their grasp, existing both before the Earth was created and far after it had ended. The realm of God extended over all Earth, all times of Earth, but stretching no further. That had been Uriel, at the Shadow Proclamation, demanding that He have dominion over the galaxy. He'd had to settle for Him to have the world of man, on Earth. When man left Earth to its eventual fate, they could decide for themselves, if they wished for Him to follow.

That was not the time of the 18th century. That was millions of years in the future, a blink of an eye. They would not let this woman fall to a different God, not without a fight.

They watched, two years later, as the Treaty of Versailles was signed. While the French roared against God and country, Reinette wrote for a chance at the fast path, to walk through the pages of someone else's story.

Je souhaite voir Gallifrey, profond dans les constellations. J'ai vu l'enfance isolé des seigneurs de temps, comme vous, pourtant tout à fait seul entouré par tout ceux. Il y a de tristesse dans son esprit au sujet de sa maison. Il menace là, juste sous la surface et je me demande ce qui l'a fait sentir un tel dévaster perdu au sujet de sa maison. Gallifrey. Il est là, dans les étoiles, et je peux seulement rêver de lui. Bientôt, mon amour retournera. Mon ange isolé, avec son Dieu proche à la maison.

She kept her diary hidden from everyone, hidden especially from the King. She loved him, she loved him with all her heart, but at night while she slept in paradise, she dreamed of heaven, of angels, of a man who could be God.

Satan was laughing, taunting the angels, watching Reinette with his own messengers. She was falling against God. He was not barred by any Shadow Proclamation. He had declined to attend, and his attempt at power spread through the infinite reaches of the universe. His greatest enemy was God and it was Earth he made his main stand, fighting for every body he could claim as one of his own. No matter if she fell to a different God, he would send forth his legions against the Doctor as well until she was his. Right now, she was his Persephone, so easy for the taking.

Reinette would be his, Reinette whose life had been touched by those greater than God. While God's dominion was compressed into the tiny, insignificant planet of Earth, and while there were supposed to be protections about who could enter his domain, there were few who listened. The Doctor, Satan noted, did not listen at all. And where the Doctor went, more followed. No-one listened to God, really. God might have had some power over the humans on Earth, but in a battle against the galaxy, His hierarchy of angels would fall one by one until it was God against the Universe and then God himself would fall. Only then would Satan be happy.

There were rules, that damn Shadow Proclamation, that kept anyone from challenging the dominion of God. God and his angels would not be facing a fight with them anytime soon. But His angels would rip open the cosmos and wage a war again Satan for the fate of one woman, at one particular moment in time.

The gates of hell were thrust open, Satan's generals sent forth to make peace and an alliance with the clocks. The angels were not quiet themselves, after speaking with the Virtues, they planned. Raphael, bored, decided to join them. Satan had thrown open his gates; he was preparing for war and they would go.

They would need the help of the Cherubim; they were called for, circled their ring around God, their vow to protect Him at any cost needing no questioning. The battle- the war- for one human could turn, easily, into the battle for thousands. It had been that way when Satan was Lucifer, one of their own. When Lucifer had challenged the throne of God, challenged for just one soul of his own.

Heaven had run red with the blood of the angels as the battle raged, at the dawn of time. The Time Lords had been there, watching, remaining neutral no matter what legion of angels was sent to Gallifrey to plead. There hadn't been many others around then, no allies or foes. It had been angel against angel; angel against God. He had been in the second ring of the hierachy and had dared to challenge his place as one of the Cherubim. For that, God had, with the help of the Seraphim, banished him.

But the battle still raged in the 18th century.

It was 1759, the year, the month, the day, the hour, the minute, the second on which hung her fate was here. Satan's allies, the clocks had her surrounded, and the angels did not know the presence of the Doctor- he was not in the realm of God. For the angels, it was about the Doctor and God. Satan only stood a chance of gaining her if she picked the Doctor over God. For Satan, her next choice would choose the direction of the next battle, the next war. If she had picked God, he would send his clocks to Him and wage a war the likes of which had never been. If she picked the Doctor, well, he was easy enough to take care of.

They had her surrounded, their arms gripping her tightly and she looked back at them, her eyes full of hatred. And courage. And power.

"And if my nightmare can return to plague me, then rest assured, so will yours."

And all three sides waited, held their breaths collectively.

Notre Père qui art dans le ciel …

There was an explosion among the hierarchy. The Seraphim burst into song in every language known to man, ending with Reinette's French, Holy holy holy! Toute la terre est remplie de sa gloire! Holy holy holy! Satan had been defeated by a Doctor and not a host of angels. The number of times Satan had been defeated by the Doctor! It hardly seemed fair. The clocks were down and Reinette had made her choice. He would pick another time to wage his war against God. The Doctor, oblivious to his part in the Holy Battles, found a way back home, back out of the realm of Earth. And Michael, to put the angels at ease, assured them he would not be coming back for Reinette.

Reinette was oblivious to the battle of God and Satan. She knew only of the clocks and of her Doctor, her lonely angel. She picked her star, fell ill, prayed for guidance, prayed for the right words on the parchment, prayed for Him to give her love speed, prayed to see him one last time.

Mon cher Docteur. Le chemin n'a jamais semblé plus lent, mais je crains que je m'approche de son extrémité. La raison m'indique qu'il est peu susceptible se réunir vous et moi encore. Mais je pense que je n'écouterai pas la raison. J'ai vu le monde à l'intérieur de votre tête, et sais que toutes les choses sont possibles. Dépêchez-vous cependant, mon amour. Mes jours se développent plus courts maintenant, et je suis tellement très faible. Vitesse de Dieu, mon ange isolé.

They embraced her, at her end, all the choirs of angels and her mind was wiped of all memories of the Doctor, filled with the song of the Seraphim in perfect, eternal, bliss.
Tags: fandom: doctor who, type: crossover
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